CV Mover quad


CV Mover quad front view.

A companion for my other quad modules. Especially for my Quad LFO. You can use it as attenuator, attenuverter, CV Source and, most important, for offsetting bipolar control voltages to make them unipolar, positive or negative. The module is DC coupled, so you can use it for DC and AC. It is possible to offset the input with +/- 2.5V. The offset is signaled with diodes. There is an inverted output added as well. The main usage is for processing bipolar LFO voltages into unipolar control voltage inputs. If you have a LFO with +/- 5V output and want to make it unipolar set the input to halve and the offset to +2.5V. The output is then from 0..5V and 0..-5V at the negative output. You can easily adapt the module to other offset voltages with a few resistor changes.

Specs and features



CV Mover quad schematic

CV Mover - Euro: Schematic


Not needed.



  • Set the input potentiometer to zero, the offset potentiometer to center. Measure the output voltage. Adjust TR_1, TR_2, TR_3, TR_4 to zero Volt output.

Building hints

  • None

Special parts

  • Use center detent potentiometer for offset voltage.


Quad CV Mover control board documentation download
Quad CV Mover control board Gerber files download
Quad CV Mover *.fpd file

Quad CV Mover front view

Quad CV Mover: Front view

Quad CV Mover populated control PCB

Quad CV Mover: Populated PCB

Quad CV Mover back view

Quad CV Mover: Back view

Quad CV Mover side view

Quad CV Mover: Side view

2021 October V 0.9.0

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