Foot switch connector


Foot switch connector front view.

As a Shakuhachi player I need my hands on the flute. So I use me feet to manipulate parameters and switches on the synthesizer. This module was originally build for my Shakuhachi to Synth project to provide the possibility to connect foot switches with the synthesizer and keep the patch intact when they are removed. The signal is not routed through the foot switch. Instead CMOS switches are used, turned on and off with the foot switch. So the signal stays within the synthesizer and the connection to the foot switch carries only DC. Removing the foot switch does not interrupt the signal flow in the synthesizer.

Specs and features



Foot switch connector schematic control board

Foot switch connector schematic: Control board


The switch in the DG202 is hold in on position with a 100k resistor against the positive rail. With a foot switch attached you can pull down the hold voltage when you close the foot switch.



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Foot switch connector control board documentation download
Foot switch connector control board Gerber files download
Foot switch connector faceplate *.fpd file download

Foot switch connector front view

Foot switch connector: Front view

Foot switch connector side view

Foot switch connector: Side view

Foot switch connector back view

Foot switch connector: Back view

2020 December V 0.9.0

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